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Connector Kit

SkyJuice Connector Kit

By adding our Connector Tee you can add on a barrel, doubling your capacity. Add yet another Tee and SkyJuice Barrel and triple your capacity!

Rain Barrel Connector Kit


Includes Shipping & Handling

Easily Connect Two Barrels!

 Simply unscrew the over flow elbow on the second barrel and replace the elbow with the Connector Tee. Measure how much overflow tubing you will need between barrels and cut to fit. Shorten the overflow hose on the original barrel to keep the hose from sagging from the weight of the water as it flows through it. A clamp is included to secure the tubing to the Tee. Attach the overflow for the second barrel to the other side and direct water away from the foundation.

Note: the second barrel must be lower than the first and to insure that the barrel will not overflow from the lid in heavy rain, the overflow elbow should point downward as indicated in the photo.



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