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Down Spout Diverters The Rainwater Diverter is installed directly to the down spout to direct water onto your rain barrel. In the winter or when your barrels is full the diverter arm can be closed and the diverter becomes part of your down spout bypassing the collection system. The Diverter may be used with plastic or metal gutters and can be painted to match your down spouts.

A Hack Saw, 4 sheet metal screws, and a screw driver are all you need to attach the Down Spout Diverter. Directions are included on the downspout diverter. Diverters come in two sizes.

The 2x3 is the most common.


2 x 3 Rain Diverter

Includes Shipping




3 x 4 Rain Diverter

Includes Shipping

Your existing down spout can be used to direct water onto the top of the barrel. Before cutting the down spout, check with your local hardware store for a connector to reattach your down spout for the winter months and direct the flow of water away from your foundation. The 2 lip on SkyJuice Rain Barrels will catch  water that streams off the roof.

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