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Drip Irrigation

Dripworks Row Crop Kit

SkyJuice has used Dripworks Row Crop Kits for eight years and highly recommends it as an effective way to utilize your rain barrel water. CLICK HERE for a link to their Row Crop Kit.

The Dripworks Row Crop Kit has everything thing you need to add a drip irrigation system to your Rain Barrel. A full barrel can water 10 twenty foot rows or approximately a 150-200 square foot garden. T -Tape operates at a very low pressure (down to 2 PSI) and works great with a SkyJuice Rain Barrel. Our T-Tape System is easy to install; all you need are a pair of scissors or sharp pruners to cut the Mainline Tubing and the T-Tape. This kit is great for row crops, raised beds or intensive square foot gardens.

Drip Irrigation benefits:

  • Lowers your watering costs
  • Uses 50-60 % less water
  • Delivers water and fertilizers directly to the root zone
  • Reduces evaporation and run-off
  • You can irrigate anytime
  • Does not wash off nutrients or pollen
  • Does not encourage mold or bacteria due to wet foliage
  • Cuts down on weeding/weeds are not receiving any water
  • Saves time wasted on hand watering or weeding
  • User-friendly and plant-friendly!

 Makes gardening much more enjoyable!

A SkyJuice Rain Barrel is used in a community garden. The gardener fills the barrel with a hose and allows the water to come to ambient temperature. The warmer water does not shock the plants. Also, compost tea or other fertilizers can be added to the barrel. This assures that the fertilizer reaches the roots of the plant instead of the top two inches of soil. This is an ingenious way to use a rain barrel and the Row Crop Kit from Dripworks.

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