Rain Barrel
  1. 55-60 Gallon Food Grade Barrels
  2. All colors inhibit algae and bacteria growth
  3. Durable brass spigot
  4. Removable debris and insect inlet screen
  5. Easy to install and use
  6. Overflow directs water from the house foundation
  7. Removable screw or snap lid provide easy access for cleaning or quickly filling watering cans
  8. Fill a watering can, connect a garden hose, or add a low flow drip irrigation system
  9. Great storage place for hoses in the off season

SkyJuice Rain Barrels can be used with your existing down spouts, a down spout diverter, or by positioning your barrel under a valley to trap and store water each time it rains. Rainwater contains no fluorides or chlorine. The soft, warm, oxygen-filled rain water is perfect for watering the garden or house plants.

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