Tips on Use

Your gutters and down spout should be clean of debris and in good working condition. By adding a leaf-catching screen at the top of the down spout, you can prevent extra buildup of debris on the top of the barrel.

Never use water collected in these rain barrels for drinking or cooking. Although these are food-grade barrels, they are for non-potable uses only, such as: watering your garden and house plants, washing the car, doing the laundry, or rinsing your hair (like some of our grandmothers may have done.)

To maintain the tight connection on the spigot at the bottom of the barrel, please refrain from excessive lifting, bumping, or moving the barrel by the spigot. If you are setting the barrel on the ground, the brass spigot is turned to the side to attach a hose.  If a leak develops, adjust the tightness of the spigot by removing the lid of the barrel and tightening the nut on the inside of the barrel.

The stainless steel screened inlet prevents insects from breeding in your barrel and stops leaves, twigs, and rodents from getting in the barrel. Pollen and debris may clog your screen. It can easily be lifted out and cleaned. For added protection, you can place a 4”x4: piece of screen or netting at the bottom of the overflow tube.

 The lid of the rain barrel may be removed for easy access to clean the barrel or for quickly filling garden cans or buckets..

SWinter Instructions. Freezing rainwater will crack or damage the barrel. Drain the barrel before freezing weather. Remove the lid and turn it upside down to totally drain the barrel. . The barrel works as a great storage unit for the winter inside the shed or garage for hoses or other garden accessories.

Mosquitoes require a minimum of 6-9 days in standing water to become adults. Here a few prevention methods that work:  1. Use Mosquito Dunks available at most garden or hardware stores. Mosquito Dunks are a biological mosquito larvacide that kills mosquito and black fly larvae before they hatch. Mosquito Dunks will not effect fish, plants, people or wildlife. One dunk treats 100 sq. ft of water surface for up to 30 days. Break the Mosquito Dunk small pieces and add a piece to your barrel. 2. Add a couple drops of dish soap to the rain barrel to stop the mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water. Dish soap will not harm plants and will actually help the soil soak up the water. 3. Adding a few drops of Olive Oil or cooking oil will also work. 4. Use the water collected once per week and rinse out the barrel. 5. Keep goldfish inside your barrel to feed on the larvae.

To maximize the rainwater collected, try a low flow drip irrigation system. One barrel will water a 200-250 sq. ft. garden. Check out Dripworks Row Crop Kit on our accessories page. .

If you need more rain harvesting capacity, consider connecting more than one barrel or going with a larger tank. We offer a connector kit found on the accessories page.

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